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Ability, Character, and Citizenship are the foundations of the belief system at Riverbend Junior High School.  Students continually strive to maximize their abilities and stretch their limits.  We believe in being of high moral character and always demonstrating and finding the best in each of us.  We expect all members of the Riverbend family to continue to show the kindness and consideration that is good citizenship.

Principal's Message

Parents, Parents, Parents

Realtors have a saying that goes like this: the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location. I would like to borrow the premise of that phrase and state that the three most important things in education are parents, parents and parents.  I have heard it said before that good parenting can sometimes make up for bad education, but good education can never make up for bad parenting. How true this is. Parental involvement in a child’s life is critical to the success of the child at every level…social, emotional, and intellectual.

We at Riverbend Junior High School believe that the role the parent plays in the child’s educational development is critical.

We realize that the family naturally provides the most influential and effective context for basic life-long learning and teaching. From early on, parents are encouraged to read aloud to their children, coach them in skill development, and contribute time and talents in a variety of other ways.

William J. Bennett in “The Educated Child” reinforces these ideals. He states “parents are children’s first and most important teachers. Raising your child is your number one job. Seeing that they get a good education is, in many respects, the crux of that task. For good or ill, you are always your child’s most influential teacher. Even when they reach school age, you are still the dean at home, the chief academic officer.

The more involved you are, the better your child’s chances of getting a good education.” Bennett goes on to list several principles for parents of educated children, and here are a few:

  1. Parents are the first and most important teachers.
  2. Your teaching must not stop when schooling starts.
  3. The early years build the foundation for all later learning.
  4. Learning requires discipline; discipline requires values.
  5. Follow your common sense.
  6. Content matters: What children study determines how well they will learn.
  7. Excess television or computers is the enemy of good education.
  8. Aim high, expect much and children will prosper.

Thank you for your involvement with your child’s education.  Riverbend Junior High School appreciates all the hard work you do for your children.  Keep up the great work!

Mr. D. Beharry