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Ability, Character, and Citizenship are the foundations of the belief system at Riverbend Junior High School.  Students continually strive to maximize their abilities and stretch their limits.  We believe in being of high moral character and always demonstrating and finding the best in each of us.  We expect all members of the Riverbend family to continue to show the kindness and consideration that is good citizenship.

Principal's Message

Welcome Back!

Summers are nice, but the hallways sure are empty and quiet.  I am very excited that teachers have returned and that soon the students will be here.  The school will be alive again!


Over the summer, I thought a lot about dedication.  People dedicate themselves to different things, some people are dedicated to their families others to their faith.  We usually dedicate ourselves to something that we enjoy and care about.  What are you dedicated to?

Everyone at Riverbend School is dedicated to providing the students at our school with an excellent education.  This past summer there were numerous examples of that dedication.  Many, many teachers came in over the summer and worked on their classrooms and their instructional materials. The administrative support team consisting of Ms. Epps, and Ms. Anstead dedicated themselves to keeping the office open the month of July & August and having everything ready to go for when school re-opens.  Mr. McInnes dedicated his time to the critical task of setting up all the computers for staff and students. Mr. Brunet and his custodial staff dedicated themselves the entire summer ensuring that our school is as clean as possible.  All of this behind the scenes work went on over the summer, at a time when the norm is to kick back, relax and not think about school.  All of our staff worked hard to create the best environment to offer all of our students a quality education in a safe and clean facility.

It doesn't stop there however, as the staff at Riverbend School works hard throughout the year to uphold the standard of excellence in education.  As our Provincial Achievement Test (PAT's)  scores and the district's Highest Level of Achievement ( HLAT's)  indicate, we are doing many things very well- but there is always room for improvement.

We invite you the parent to join us in this dedication of excellence in education!

This is a year of change for Riverbend School!  We have a new Assistant Superintendent, new Principal, new teachers and new students.  It is all very exciting.  I look forward to the challenge of improving your child's education at Riverbend School.

"Change does not change tradition.  It strengthens it.  Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat."  Prince Philip of England


Mr. D. Beharry