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Riverbend Interim marks were posted to SchoolZone the evening of October 18, 2018.

Progress Report 1 is issued December 7, 2018.

Riverbend Success

Ability, Character, and Citizenship are the foundations of the belief system at Riverbend Junior High School.  Students continually strive to maximize their abilities and stretch their limits.  We believe in being of high moral character and always demonstrating and finding the best in each of us.  We expect all members of the Riverbend family to continue to show the kindness and consideration that is good citizenship.

Principal's Message

The Importance of School Community

For any school to be successful, it is critical to establish a common, unified community. Riverbend School is, for the most part, working towards this goal. The students, parents, and staff believe in our school and in striving for educational excellence. But there seems to be more than that—we also have a strong sense of Riverbend Pride, an “esprit de corps” if you will.

What develops this community? How can we make the community even stronger? Thomas J. Sergiovanni says the following about school community from his book titled “Leadership: What’s in it for schools?”

“In communities of responsibility it is norms, values, beliefs, purposes, goals, standards, hopes, and dreams that provide the ideas for a morally based leadership. These ideas are not mandated scripts that required carbon copy conformity. They are, instead, more like frameworks that function as compasses which provide people with a heightened sense of understanding, meaning, and significance. When leadership is morally based, its effect on spirit, commitment, and results is not only strong but obligatory, allowing the school to function as a community of responsibility.”

Sergiovanni goes on to include a list as to the benefits of developing community:

  1. Community helps satisfy the need that teachers, parents and students have to be connected to each other and the school.
  2. Community helps everyone in the school focus on the common good.
  3. Community provides students with a safe harbor in a stormy sea – a place where they are accepted unconditionally.
  4. Community supports learning; and
  5. Community builds relationships and responsibilities.

We have a special community at Riverbend School. I truly enjoy being with the many families associated with our school at events such as Parent Council and the various concerts and athletic events that are presented throughout the year.

Thank you for making Riverbend the awesome school that it is, and let’s continue to hold firm to all the ideals and values upon which Riverbend School was formed.

Mr. D. Beharry