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The Centurion Classic is back!  The 10th annual basketball tournament occurs January 17-19, 2019.  28 teams from Alberta and British Columbia are coming to Riverbend and the Saville Centre to compete during 3 memorable days! A variety of fundraising efforts have been undertaken to help the Centurions Conquer Cancer! Donations from these fundraising efforts are going to the Canadian Cancer Society.  Please visit the tournament webpage for more information, including the tournament program and draws---come on out and witness this event for yourself! 

Our Open House will be held on Thursday, March 14, 2019.
Academic Challenge 5:30-6:00pm  &  Whole School 6:00-7:30pm


Riverbend Success

Ability, Character, and Citizenship are the foundations of the belief system at Riverbend Junior High School.  Students continually strive to maximize their abilities and stretch their limits.  We believe in being of high moral character and always demonstrating and finding the best in each of us.  We expect all members of the Riverbend family to continue to show the kindness and consideration that is good citizenship.


Principal's Message

What is a School?

Over the holidays I pulled out a booklet that I read a few years ago entitled "What is a school" by Jacques Barzun. The author is a teacher and has published numerous articles and books on teaching. Dr. Barzun has many opinions on the state of education and what can be done to correct the current problems in public education. Below you will find listed some quotes from his booklet "What is a school" that was published in 2002.

"A teacher, then, is a person who, by squaring his or her mind with that of the class, collectively or singly, removes ignorance on a subject fully mastered. This definition tells us not only what teaching is like, but what teacher training calls for. The unhappy truth is that there are few born teachers, fewer perhaps than born poets."

The teachers at Riverbend School work hard at honing both their knowledge base and their information delivery. They are diligent in educating our students and thus removing ignorance on a variety of subject matters.

"Learning is an invisible operation, so it cannot be shown by example; but obviously a learner is one who makes a mental effort under guidance and correction. Knowledge cannot be poured into a child, like liquid into a bottle. The pupil has a responsibility: if a pupil is to turn into a student, he must make a mental effort and follow instructions. Learning is done in three distinct ways: listening to the teacher explain, drilling to memorize rudiments, and taking part in discussion."

Our school espouses that the parent and child must buy into and support the educational process. The students are expected to be active participants in their education.

"Memorizing has a bad name, but it is essential." The multiplication table, the verb forms of a foreign language, cannot be mastered in any other way. Drill also teaches the lesson that in life one must go through drudgery in order to achieve something one wants to know or do."

This is one of the early stages of our "Thinking Framework" - the information gathering stage. It is imperative to have certain facts committed to memory in order to progress to higher stages of thinking and processing. Riverbend School realizes this and does require memorization of certain details.
"One more type of instruction should be expected of every teacher in every course: correcting mistakes."

I think we do this well, but we can do even better. We are working hard to ensure all work that is turned in is coherent and well written. With a renewed emphasis in the grammar and composition instruction this year, our students' communication skills have been improving.

It looks as if Dr. Jacques Barzun would be pleased with our school and the way we are going about things. It is great to work at a school that sets the bar high and is dedicated to excellence.
Mr. D. Beharry