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For students who are new to Edmonton Public Schools, or those who are possibly newly moved into the Riverbend School boundary, you can view our Enrollment & Boundaries Map‌.  Please contact Riverbend School to inquire about registrations and make potential registration appointments.  Guardians can call the Office at 780-434-7914.

As a school board standard requirement, Guardians of all registrants are required to present the following supporting documentation to prove that their residence is in our attendance area:

  • Student’s Birth Certificate OR Passport; AND
  • Proof of Address through a document from the following list:
    • Parent’s Driver’s License (or receipt of Request of Change of Address to the current residence)
    • Utility Bill for the residence
    • Rental Agreement / Mortgage document
    • Receipt for Request to Canada Post to redirect mail to current residence

For students new to Edmonton Public Schools, or those who have left the District, a registration form can be downloaded in advance from the Edmonton Public Schools website (www.epsb.ca), or obtained from the school office.  It needs to be returned to the Riverbend school office.