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The Citizenship Award is presented in June to students who exemplify high standards of Character, Citizenship, and Ability in their daily life at Riverbend by:

  • being empathetic towards others (demonstrates understanding and acceptance of EVERYONE)
  • taking the onus to go above and beyond in all aspects of his/her school and community life
  • becoming engaged in a variety of student activities, whether it be as an initiator, spectator and/or a  participant
  • demonstrating responsibility by:
    • maintaining academic effort and performance that reflects his/her true potential
    • respecting the learning environment by following classroom/school rules and expectations
    • consistently interacting respectfully and confidently with ALL school staff and visitors


NOTE: when you think of a top citizen you think of a person who is a well-rounded, exceptional human being




Honours and Honours with Distinction

Students achieving either Honours or Honours with Distinction are recognized the following fall school year as posted on schoolzone and upon celebratory banners displayed in the school.