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gifted and talented program

Riverbend School offers its Gifted and Talented (G&T) Program for students identified as "Gifted and Talented", as coded by their elementary school.  Students coded G&T are eligible to apply to the Program;  or to participate with coding while in the Regular Program.

The G&T Program presents the curriculum delivered at a challenging pace, allowing us greater instructional time for enrichment activities;  enabling a focus on critical thinking, inquiry, and problem solving;  presenting an environment where teachers encourage students' development of strategies, of a growth mindset, all within a “culture of learning” from mistakes;  and the program presents a lively and productively busy room, where students engage in collaboration, in meaningful debate, in vibrant discussion, in authentic peer feedback, and in goal setting.  There is active questioning by both teacher- and by its students!

Interested families already with an EPSB school should express interest for application at their Gr. 6 school.  Non-EPSB families should contact our office at 780-434-7914.

Check out our Gifted and Talented information website.

Further details available at Riverbend's G&T Open House (please see Home Page), and you can read more about the program on epsb.ca.